Life Sucks, Then it Gets Better

“Life sucks, then it gets better and it sucks again, and then it just… sucks.” — Nick, New Girl

I was trying to put my feelings into words when this New Girl quote came to mind. It sums up what I’ve been feeling so well — life is nothing but a crazy, unpredictable, heartbreaking, wonderful ride.

The TV quote is appropriate because, well, my life has revolved around TV for a long time.

Why am I starting this blog? These days, my life is a jumble of soul-searching, TV shows, books, job search, reverse cultural shock, and long-distance friendship. I love Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters can’t do justice to the thoughts bumping each other in my head. I need an outlet for all of them. So here I am.

This is a way for me to remember who I am and what I love and how to channel all that into something real. (As real as the Internet is, I guess.)

In this blog, you might find:

  • Life musings
  • Recipes
  • TV rants
  • Book recommendations
  • A girl in her twenties trying to find her way.

So, yeah, that list is me in a nutshell.


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