Your DNA’s Personality

As one of my previous posts can attest to, I’m a big Doctor Who fan. (So much so that I’ve become obsessed with DW Etsy items. Like this iPhone cover. And, for the ladies, this gorgeous skirt. It’d be very helpful if I could win the lottery to afford all these. Please and thanks.)

For those of who you might not know, the Doctor is a Time Lord who regenerates into a new body if he is killed/dies.

I think Christopher Eccleston, who played the 9th incarnation of the Doctor, and Matt Smith, who played the 11th, are both fantastic. But there is no question in my mind that David Tennant is my favorite Doctor and forever will remain so. His facial expressions make me want to simultaneously burst into laughter and break down in tears.

What I find really fascinating about the DW regeneration concept is that with every body comes a new personality. The Doctor is still the same person, but not quite. His body craves different things. He’s more or less expressive. Sometimes more childish, sometimes more serious, more closed-off. And I like the story it tells.

I feel like our body and DNA determine a good part of our personality. Sure, upbringing has a lot to do with it. But there are things that are rooted in you. Things that will never be educated out of you. Because your body is your body. Maybe it doesn’t like running (guilty as charged.) Maybe it wakes you up with a jolt of energy every morning, or maybe it forces you to sleep until the afternoon rolls around. Maybe it incites you to open up your mind to others. Maybe it likes physical contact. Maybe it doesn’t.

I like the message it sends — that we’re all different for a lot of reasons, but that we’re all a lot more alike than we think.

(PS: if you haven’t watched Doctor Who: GO DO THAT NOW. The episodes are streaming on Netflix if you’re in the US.)


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