Christmas Cookies


I love Christmas time. I love the cheer, the music, children’s perpetual state of excitement, having an excuse to dress up, staying warm inside, and ending the year with a little magic in our eyes.

The one thing I hate? Buying presents for people who are at an age where they don’t need anything in particular. The very idea of buying someone a present they will never use despairs me.

Let’s be honest: my Christmas budget over the last two years has basically been non-existent. So I decided to be a little creative with my gift-making.

As the picture illustrates, I’ve baked Christmas cookies, decorated them, packed them up in nice cookie bags, tied them with shiny ribbons, and placed those in crafts bags I decorated myself. 8-10 bags usually cost me around 40-60 euros, between the craft material and the baking ingredients.

There’s something so nice about giving people homemade presents. Especially when they’re edible.

The recipes I used this year are:

– For the chocolate cookies: The Jeweled Heart Sugar Cookies recipe from Sprinkle Bakes

– For the colorful sugar cookies: The Allsorts Sugar Cookies recipe from Sprinkle Bakes


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